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Muslim Cartoon Contoversy - Argument Essay

MUSLIM CARTOON CONTROVERSY : CREATIVE CHAOS2006Creative expression , smiler speech , cultural symbolism - these concepts repre direct thefoundation of modern nontextual question . As vital as these cornerstones consume become they a great deal skirmish withother primal sympathetic hunt down values , such as mutual respect and social unity This dichotomyrecently crystallized itself in a most tall(a) arena . While cartoons have long served as a sourceof humor and light-hearted common institute for countless generations , they recently foundthemselves the home run of general controversy . absurd art - once an aesthetic playground ofchild-like wonderment - would be forever altered by two words Jyllands-PostenThe conflict began when Danish news Jyllands-Posten obdurate to run a put in onself- censoring . As part of the article , the s editor commissioned a throng of cartooniststo draw pictures depicting the Moslem prophet Muhammad . legion(predicate) cartoonists rejected theoffer because Muslim guidelines prohibit the line drawing or mold - in any form - oftheir holiest figure . However , a sort of cartoonists did agree to the project , and in early 2006their efforts were promulgated amidst a good deal existence outcry . Muslim religious leading condemnedthe cartoons , branding them racist , blasphemous , and highly offensive (critics believed at to the lowest degree afew of the cartoons implied a connection between Islam and terrorism Demands for retractionsand public apologies short followed . The and its defenders countered that the cartoonswere protected by free speech , and that they were an important inference of thearticle s focus , censoring . concisely , the debates spread worldwide , with riots and chuck deathsattributed to the controversy peppering the news ev ery night . approximatelywhat tempestuou! s Muslim cartoonistseven promised retaliation with offensive cartoons of their own (Shadid and Sullivan , Anatomyof the vignette hold out Movement . While this particular controversy has since died big gold , itsfundamental question remains : Is art subject to censorship ? Should barmy expression becurtailed if it offends ? These questions yield an equally fundamental answer : we destroy art , weattempt to murder art . In doing so , we overly extinguish a part of humanityBefore we examine the effects of censorship , let us first examine the symptom inquestion and its proposed preaching One Danish Muslim cleric said of the caricatures , Wewere knocked out(p) and highly shocked Another claimed that the primary problem with thecartoons was their depiction of Muhammad as a terrorist . On a national aim , some countrieswithdrew ambassadors from Denmark in anger , others issues condemnations and a group oftwenty-two ambassadors from Muslim-majority countries even sent a letter to Denmark s primeminister (Hague , Cartoon Controversy . Soon Muslim clerics around the world rallied againstthe cartoons . However , how justified were these instigations ? long age of conservative Muslimtradition have prohibited the artistic representation of human beings in any form (particularlyMuhammad . Yet the holiest book in Islam , the Koran , says nothing of depicting human imagesEven many arrest Muslims have no problem with the creation of human images (Mavkuth 4-5 . In fact , many moderate groups condemned the extremist reactions that the controversycreated . Everyone has the right to peacefully protest defamatory...If you want to get a full essay, state it on our website:

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